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Atlanta Building Deconstruction, Recycling Services, and LEED Certification

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The personnel of Southern Demolition and Environmental are experts in the deconstruction and salvage of buildings for reuse of building materials in the metro Atlanta area. We re-use, market and sell salvageable materials found in residential and commercial buildings. Typical salvaged materials include, but are not limited to:  steel, concrete, bricks, windows, hardware, interior doors, exterior doors, furnishing, sinks, architectural items, mantles, countertops, mirrors, fireplace grates, gates, structural lumber, cabinets, heart pine flooring, and shelving.  Vintage bricks salvaged from an Atlanta demolition project
Commercial projects with LEED goals should consult with Southern Demolition and Environmental when considering dismantling or deconstructing in order to achieve LEED points in pursuit of LEED Certification. In addition, the current inventory of salvaged, documented building products can be useful in achieving LEED Certification.  

Based on statistics from the EPA, a 2000 square foot wood-frame house produces 127 tons (370 cubic yards) of demolition debris. Recoverable framing lumber alone makes up about 10% of this amount, averaging 6000 board feet, or 33 mature trees worth of wood. Often windows, doors, wood flooring and interior fixtures are reusable. In addition, everything from metal wiring and piping to brick and concrete foundations are recyclable.

Southern Demolition and Environmental Removes Heart Pine Floors Prior to Demolition


Commercial bidding and proposals can be competitive, depending on steel and metal prices in the market at the time of demolition.