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Georgia Demolition Permit and Regulation Links

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The following are permit links to Atlanta and metro area city and county governments.  Please check with the municipality for any updated requirements, fees, and/or guidance in the procurement of permits.

City of Atlanta
Demolition Permit Application:

City of Atlanta Demolition Checklist:

City of Atlanta Residential Bureau of Planning* (req'd in addition to permit application):

*Note Department of Planning Hours for Demolition and Special Administrative Permits (which may be required for certain demolition permits): Mon 8:30 am to 1:00 pm; Tues 8:30 am to 2:00 pm; Wed 8:30 am to 2:00 pm; Thurs 8:30 am to 2:00 pm; Friday Closed. The Planning Office is open 8:30am - 3pm, M-F, for questions. 

City of Atlanta

Plumbing Permit (to cap Sewer - also req'd in addition to permit application):

City of Atlanta Procedure Checklist: (this is dated, as of Jan., 2010 they require thirteen sets of site plans):

City of Atlanta Procedure Notes:

The above documents are copies of the application for the City of Atlanta Demolition Permit and related documents. In addition to the application, for residential and commercial permits for less than one acre, they require up to 13 sets of demolition site plans and/or building plans, drawn to scale, showing trees and erosion control measures. A rodent letter (a letter from a licensed pest control company verifying the property is free of vermin), photos of trees existing on the site and verification of removal of asbestos is also required. The Solid Waste Act of Georgia requires asbestos containing materials to be disposed of as a regulated material. Consult the Environmental Protection Division of Georgia for state and federal guidelines pertaining to the handling of asbestos or demolition of structures in Georgia. Feel free to call Southern Demolition and Environmental for additional questions. 

This copy of the application is provided by Southern Demolition and Environmental and is for informational purposes only. It is advisable to phone the City of Atlanta at 404-330-6000 to ask for the latest requirements for obtaining a demolition permit. Visit for more information or to schedule an estimate for demolition or permit services in the metro Atlanta area. 

                         CITY OF SANDY SPRINGS
City of Sandy Springs Demolition Permit Application:;;.aspx;.html

of Sandy Springs
Erosion and Sediment Control Statement:;;.aspx;.html

City of Sandy Springs Demolition Checklist:;;.aspx;.html

                                CITY OF MILTON
City of Milton Demolition Permit Application:

City of Milton Demolition Checklist:

                                FULTON COUNTY
Fulton County Demolition Permit Application:      

                              CITY OF EAST POINT

City of East Point Demolition Permit Application:

City of East Point Demolition Permit Procedure:

City of East Point Demolition Permit Disclaimer:

City of East Point Power Kill Request:

                         COBB COUNTY
Cobb County Demolition Permit Application
and Checklist:

Cobb County Demolition Permit Application.pdf
60.8 KB

                    CHEROKEE COUNTY
Cherokee County Demolition Permit:

                       DEKALB COUNTY
Dekalb County Demolition Permit Application:

Dekalb County Demolition Permit Checklist:

Athens-Clarke County Demolition Permit Application:


City of College Park 
Demolition Permit Application and Procedures:

                           PEACHTREE CITY
Peachtree City
Demolition Permit Application and Permit Fees: